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After staying for a number of years in a foreign country, I wanted to deliver in a multispeciality hospital. But the personalised attention that I got at Shri Ram Care Hospital changed my mind in just ONE visit. I thank the staff of Shri Ram Care Hospital for providing such a homely atmosphere during the most trying time in my life."

Mrs Bhavana Avasthy

We came to Shri Ram Care Hospital after seven years of trying all the hospitals. After spending so much money and years of frustration, it was impossible to believe that something as basic as tuberculosis had been missed by so many other doctors. Probably that is why experience is considered a doctor's best asset. We thank Dr Soni for making our life worth living."

Mrs Shreya Sharma, Bilaspur

I had lots of pain in my abdomen. Initially I was hospitalized and I was diagnosed for kidney stones. I was treated for the infection that was caused due to the stones and was on regular treatment for the next 2-3 months to get rid of stones, but after repeated ultrasounds, found that the stones remained and the treatment did not help. I was suggested laser surgery, but was not keen on it. I also had eczema on my back for this I was using ointment and steroid as itching was making me worse.

After just a few weeks of taking regular Homeopathic medication, I went for another ultrasound and the stones were gone, and the doctor there asked me if had had laser surgery done at another place!

I was further given ongoing medication so that the stones do not form again. I am really grateful to Dr Amit Soni, who cured my kidney stone problem as well as my eczema also.

Pulkit Mehta , Bilaspur